Innovation in Education

#2 - Empower Chapter 3 with CHS Librarian Thomas Cook

November 2, 2018

Show Notes:

0:00-3:15 - A Librarian without a library 

3:15 - 6:07 -  "Empowering students means giving kids the knowledge and skills to pursue their passions and interests and future."- We talk about how a 21st Century 'library' is a place and space to empower learners.

6:07 - 14:34 - The connection between student passion and learning.  Student ownership and the role of the librarian.  Tom talks about the imperative of knowing your students.  Linking what students love to what we as educators want them to learn.   

14:35 - 20:33  - "The 'Side Hustle' is my job".  A student's favorite class (or two) is their primary focus and everything else is a side gig.  Tom talks about how to support students through a modern student center/library. 

20:33 - 24:00  - "What does student ownership of learning mean to you?" - Tom talks about the learning process itself as something to be owned by students.  



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